Pepperoni & Green Pepper Pizza

A firm favourite in our household - the pepperoni and green pepper pizza!


Step 1

Roll out the dough ball to the required size and thickness - we recommend around 6-8% and as thin as you can roll the dough out to. (See our dough recipe)

Step 2

Spread a little of the tomato sauce over the base leaving a slight gap around the edge (see our tomato sauce recipe)

Step 3

Add slices of pepperoni around the pizza base and then add slices of the peppers and finally add grated mozzarella over the top of the ingredients

Step 4

Place on the base of the pizza oven using a peel and then rotate using the peel every 20-30 seconds for an even cook

Step 5

After approx 1.5 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven using the pizza peel and serve on a plate or a board. Garnish with fresh rocket leaves and basil if preferred.


1 fresh dough ball (see the dough recipe for ingredients) or 1 ready made pizza base

2 tbs pizza tomato sauce (see the tomato sauce recipe for ingredients)

10 slices of pepperoni

3-4 whole slices of green pepper

50g grated mozzarella