Non-cheese Pizza

One of our friends is dairy intolerant so we knocked up with this little pizza for him to try - needless to say he loved it and a second one was made pretty soon after the first!


Step 1

Roll out a dough ball to around 6-8 inches (or use a ready made pizza base)

Step 2

Spread the tomato sauce evenly over the base using the back of a spoon and leave approx 25mm around the edge of the base

Step 3

Place the slices of red onion, peppers, mushrooms, salami & pepperoni evenly over the top

Step 4

Place on a floured peel and pop in the oven base, turning every 20-30 seconds for an even cook using the peel

Step 5

After approx 1.5 minutes remove from the oven using the peel and serve on a plate or a board. Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil & rocket leaves if liked.


1 dough ball or ready made pizza base

2 Tbs tomato sauce

Sliced red onion

Sliced yellow peppers

Sliced orange peppers

Sliced mushrooms

Sliced salami

Sliced pepperoni